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SPACES online - Spatial Aspects Concerning Economic Structures online

SPACES online is an online publication series which aims to present conceptual frameworks and empirical studies on economic action in spatial perspective to a wider audience. The intent is to provide a forum for discussion and debate in relational economic geography and political economy.

Editors: Harald Bathelt/ Johannes Glückler
Managing Editor: Sebastian Henn

2022-02 Shearmur, R./ Doloreux, D. Innovation, Scaling-Up, and Local Development in Peripheral Regions: Do Establishments Scale-Up Locally?
2022-01 Glückler, J./ Shearmur, R./ Martinus, K. From Liability to Opportunity: Reconceptualizing the Role of Periphery in Innovation
2020-01 Frost, R. B. Emerging National Artificial Intelligence Innovation Systems in Canada and China: Strategic Governance and Institutional Evolution
2019-01 Bathelt, H. Theorizing Temporary Proximity, Temporary Clusters and Temporary Markets
2018-02 Bathelt, H./ Buchholz, M. Outward Foreign-Direct Investments as a Catalyst of Urban-Regional Income Development? Evidence from the United States
2018-01 Buchholz, M.
Organizations, Institutions and Networks in Local Scenes: An Analysis of the Growth of San Francisco Bay Area Punk Rock
2016-02 Bathelt, H./ Conserva, N. “Globalization and Institutional Change in Italian Industrial Districts”
2016-01 Rosati, D. “Regional Inequalities in the Commodity of Trust: The Case of Two Industrial Districts in the Italian Footwear Industry”
2014-03 Golfetto, F./ Rinallo, D. “Trade Show Events, from Live to Digital: Towards the Development of New Competencies”
2014-02 Borghini, S. et al. “Using Anthropological Methods to Study Industrial Marketing and Purchasing: An Exploration of Professional Trade Shows”
2014-01 Sánchez-Hernández, J. L. et al. “Identifying Worlds of Wine Production: A Quantitative Approach”
2013-03 Lenz, R. “Endogenous Growth in the Development Context: Assessing the Nucleus Approach in the Bangladeshi Tannery Sector”
2013-02 Glückler, J. “Knowledge, Networks and Space: Connectivity and the Problem of Non-interactive Learning”
2013-01 Bathelt, H./ Gibson, R. “Learning in ‘Organized Anarchies’: The Nature of Technological Search Processes at Trade Fairs”
2012-01 Benner, M. “Cluster Policy: Principles and a Toolbox”
2011-02 Li, P.-F./ Bathelt, H. “A Relational-Evolutionary Perspective of Cluster Dynamics”
2011-01 Li, P.-F. “Horizontal Vs. Vertical Learning: Divergence and Diversification of Lead Firms in the Hangji Toothbrush Cluster, China”
2010-06 Glückler, J. “The Creation and Diffusion of Controversial Innovations at the Organizational Periphery”
2010-05 Bathelt, H./ Munro, A. K. “Innovation Linkages in New and Old Economy Sectors in Cambridge-Guelph-Kitchener-Waterloo (Ontario)”
2010-04 Gibson, R./ Bathelt, H. “Understanding the Dynamics of Specialization and Diffusion Processes Across Capitalist Varieties: A Conceptual Intervention Regarding the Role of International Trade Fairs”
2010-03 Dixon, A. D. “When Borders Seem Irrelevant: Global Finance and the Limits of Capitalist Variety”
2010-02 Entwistle, J. Global Flows, Local Encounters: Spatializing Tacit Aesthetic Knowledge in High Fashion
2009-04 Benner, M. “What Do We Know About Clusters? In Search of Effective Cluster Policies”
2009-03 Bathelt, H./ Zeng, G. “Against the New Economy? The Changing Social and Spatial Divisions of Labor in the Larger Shanghai Chemical Industry”
2009-02 Rallet, A./ Torre, A. “Temporary Geographical Proximity for Business and Work Coordination: When, How and Where?”
2008-05 Glückler, J./ Goeke, P. “Die Wissensarchitektur der deutschen Hochschul-geographie: Ein Blick hinter den Organisationsplan einer Disziplin”
2008-04 Bathelt, H./ Schuldt, N. “Temporary Face-to-Face Contact and the Ecologies of Global and Virtual Buzz”
2008-03 Glückler, J. “Islands of Expertise – Global Knowledge Transfer in a Technology Service Firm”
2008-02 Sandmüller, M. “Globale Netzwerke und regionale Einbettung: Das Fallbeispiel der Behringwerke Marburg”
2008-01 Glückler, J. “The Evolution of a Strategic Alliance Network – Exploring German Stock Photography”
2006-02 Dewald, U. “Clusterpolitik als Instrument der Regionalentwicklung am Beispiel des Bergischen Städtedreiecks”
2006-01 Bathelt, H./ Gräf, A. “Internal and External Dynamics of the Munich Film and TV Industry Cluster and the International Entertainment Sector”
2005-08 Gräf, A. “München in der Krise? Projektorganisation und Wachstumsprobleme in der Film- und Fernsehproduktion – eine mehrdimensionale Clusterstudie”
2005-07 Beyer, F. “Verflechtungen zwischen Biotechnologie-Unternehmen und Hochschulen in der Rhein-Main-Region”
2005-06 Bathelt, H./ Schuldt, N. A. “Between Luminaries and Meat Grinders: International Trade Fairs as Temporary Clusters”
2005-05 Wood, P. “European Urban Development and Knowledge-Intensive Business Services: Too Many Unanswered Questions?”
2005-04 Dicken, P. “Tangled Webs: Transnational Production Networks and Regional Integration”
2004-05 Taylor, M. J. “The Firm as a Connected, Temporary Coalition”
2004-04 Maskell, P./ Bathelt, H./ Malmberg, A. “Temporary Clusters and Knowledge Creation: The Effects of International Trade Fairs, Conventions and Other Professional Gatherings”
2004-03 Jentsch, C. “Projektorganisation in der Frankfurter Werbeindustrie”
2004-02 Depner, H./ Dewald, U. “Globale Netzwerke und lokale Partner: Deutsche Automobilzulieferer und der Wachstumsmarkt China”
2003-12 Asheim, B. T./ Herstad, S. J. “Regional Innovation Systems and the Globalising World Economy”
2003-09 Depner, H. / Bathelt, H. “Cluster Growth and Institutional Barriers: The Development of the Automobile Industry Cluster in Shanghai, P.R. China”
2003-05 Clark, G. L. / Thrift, N. “FX Risk in Time and Space: Managing Dispersed Knowledge in Global Finance”

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